Friday: 3:00pm – 11:00pm
Saturday: 6:30am – 10:00pm
Sunday: 6:30am – End of Race Day


Saturday, 7am – First round of Motos
Sunday, 7am – First round of Motos


Begins at 8:30 am. Practice order will be posted at the tower.

Riders meeting will commence immediately following practice to reviewing race order, safety, race day announcements, etc.


Racing will begin approximetly at 10am. Race order will be posted at the base of the tower by the end of practice and be available at the Riders Meeting to review.


We will NOT be requiring transponders this year for all races and classes. But for those with transponders we will be tracking timing for each class. We will have rentals available at the tower.


Gate Admission

Gate fee per person (spectators and riders):

  • Adults (7-59): $15/person
  • Seniors (60+): $10/person
  • 6 & under: FREE
  • Veterans: FREE (must show ID)

We accept CASH only!

  •  FREE

Other events, camping fees may apply.

Race Entry
  • $40/class
  • 50cc $20/class

We accept CASH only!


$10.00 Rental Fee with $100 deposit when returned.

We accept cash only.

Must race 10 of 12 races to qualify for series high points awards.

MX Classes:

  • 50cc PW
  • 50cc Beg (1st year Only)
  • 50cc Beg
  • 50cc Jr
  • 50cc Int
  • 50c Open
  • 65cc Beg
  • 65cc Jr
  • 65cc Int
  • 65cc Open
  • 85cc Beg
  • 85cc Jr
  • 85cc Int
  • 85cc Open
  • Supermini
  • 250cc Beg
  • 250cc Jr
  • 250cc Int
  • Open Beg
  • Open Jr
  • Open Int
  • Open Pro
  • Women Amateur
  • Women Master
  • 125cc Open
  • BTH Amateur
  • BTH Master
  • Schoolboy
  • 25+ Sportsman
  • 30+ Beg
  • 30+ Jr
  • 30+ Int
  • 40+ Beg
  • 40+ Jr
  • 40+ Int
  • 50+ A/B
  • 50+ C/D
  • Warrior (Free)
Results need to be checked after each moto has completed.  Changes cannot be made to Moto 1 after moto 2 results are posted.

Woodland MX will make exceptions to certain bikes riding in classes that they typically are not allowed due to safety and for the rider.

Every class that has a minimum of 3 riders will receive a plaque for every 3 racers on each race day. Any classes with less than 3 riders will only receive a tags for their yearly tracking plaque on each race day.

Please note Woodland MX will add any classes that are not listed here, if 5 or more riders show up to race that class that day.